Thursday, January 8, 2015

The one about Sun Rises and Holidays

I have seen more sun rises in the past 6 months that I have seen in my entire life.  It's a magical and silent awakening of the day.  It's a blast of beautiful colors that drop light on the morning.  It's a fresh start and a new beginning.  His Mercies are new every morning.  What a gift!

I cannot believe that my sweet little girl is 6 months old.  Once again, being a mom has put a whole new spin on the holiday season.  The following is my newest top ten list:

Top ten things that I learned over the holiday season and hope to pass on to future first time moms:

1.  Online shopping is much easier that  venturing out to stores.  I don't think that this needs much explanation.  Instead of battling the crazies, a very nice delivery man will bring anything that you need to your front door.  Done.

2.  If you do decide to take a trip to the store, make sure that you park closest to the cart return in the parking lot.  After hauling an infant carrier around with a 15 pound baby, this will make sense to you.  On a positive note, lifting this carrier is an unexpected daily arm exercise.

3.  If you do decide to take a trip to the store, make sure that you pack an extra bottle, light up music toys, pacifier wipes, hand sanitizer, cart sanitizer, an extra pacifier, blankets, lovies, and two changes of clothes.  One of these changes of clothes needs to be for your baby and one needs to be for you.  Shout out to my little sister for learning this the hard way.  Good thing that she had a tank top on underneath because baby poop does not make the best accessory to a white shirt. :)

4.  If  you do decide to take a trip to the store and have managed to pack the above, have a strategy.  You feed your little one before you leave the house, it takes thirty minutes to pack your bags and start the car.  It then takes another thirty minutes to get to the store, find a parking spot, and haul the carrier and baby supplies inside.  Knowing that it will also take thirty minutes to get home, you now have 1.5 hours max to complete all of your errands.  Don't get stuck without a plan because  before you know it, a major meltdown has occurred and all you have managed to place in your cart was that dress you were tempted to try on when you walked into Target.  It doesn't fit by the way.  You had a baby.  

5.  If you do decide to take a trip to the store, have packed appropriately, and had a perfect shopping NOT forget your purse.  After waiting in line behind ten people, unloading your cart, and boxing out the lady behind you that just wants to touch your baby's feet, do not realize that you left your wallet at home.  You will have a sense of utter defeat as you smile embarrassingly at the check out clerk and apologize for your lack of ability to pay.

6.  I will repeat and reiterate... Shop online.

7.   Take time to enjoy the season.  Smile at others.  Say Merry Christmas.  You never know when you may be passing someone that just spent 1.5 hours in Target only to realize that her wallet was at home and she had to leave the store empty handed.

8.  Take pictures.  Add a camera to that list above.  You will be glad that you captured the moments that you were too busy to appreciate.

9.   Remember that Christmas should be about Jesus more that Santa.  It is easy to get caught up in the crazy and forget the absolute joy of the season.  Imagine the sun rise that Mary and Joseph witnessed on the morning of Jesus' birth.  It's the same sun that rises today.

10.  Try to enjoy January.  Some wish that 2014 went by slower.  For these people, the year was exciting and full of blessings.  Some are hoping to forget it.  For these people, the year was full of disappointment and hurt.  Either way you look at the past year, it is important to remember to enjoy today.  A New Year and a new day bring about great possibilities.  Bring it on!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The one where I make a top ten list

Top Ten things that I've learn so far about being a mom:

1. Everyone wants to touch your baby.  As a pediatric nurse, I cringe every time someone reaches out to grab her little fingers knowing full well that they have not washed their hands.  I would look like a crazy lady if I thrust hand sanitizer in everyone's face so I just sit back, smile, and pray for immunity.

2.  You really don't understand until you have one.  Every time I think about how much I love my baby, my heart just wants to explode.  It's a crazy mix of delight, wonder, fear, and pride.

3.  There is nothing sweeter than a giggle and more heartbreaking than a tear.

4.  Everyone likes to compare.  You can't talk to another mom without the discussion leading to your children.  You compare everything from which pacifier you use to how well your baby is sleeping.  I am very guilty of this.  The best advice given to me during pregnancy was "don't take advice from anybody.  Each baby and family is different and it's supposed to be this way."

5.  If you want a good daycare/school, you might as well put yourself on the waiting list on your wedding night.  My baby is almost 5 months old, we are nowhere close to thinking about number two, and I have a strange desire to go ahead and get on the list.

6.  You really can't cuddle enough.  

7.  Time management is no longer possible.  Even if you are super OCD like this mom, you are somehow able to convince yourself that hanging out with your baby is way more important than dishes.  Let's be is.

8.  You make a lifestyle change.  I've learned where to find the Disney channel on TV, the baby section of Target, and the back-way to Buy Buy Baby.

9.  I learned that we really will do anything for our children.  I yearn for the day when I come home and find my husband and daughter wearing frilly dresses and sipping tea with a teddy bear.  It hasn't happened yet but I promise a picture when it does!

10.  I pray a lot.  I pray for patience, understanding, wisdom, and energy.  I pray that I can cut fingernails without nipping a finger.  I pray that I am able to be the best nurse that I can be.  I pray to be the best wife that I can be.  I pray to be the best mom that I can be.  I pray to be the absolute best version of myself...and I keep praying.

Newborn Photo-shoot (5 weeks)

Beach Baby (6 weeks)

All Smiles (3 Months)

Happy Fall Y'all (4 months)

First Halloween (4 months)

The one about me

I've always wanted to be really great at something.  Growing up, I was good at sports, made good grades and had a good group of friends.  I seemed to be pretty good at all of these things but always had a secret desire to be great.  I envied the really good singers, those that made friends easily, and the ones that always seemed to excel in everything without really trying. 

I got married in June 2011.  To risk sounding cliche, I really got to marry my best friend.  We started out in Columbia with our sweet golden retriever Boozer.  It took me a short two years before I started getting the baby fever.  Through a series of job changes and life changes we moved back to my hometown of Greenville and prepared for the birth of our little baby girl.  In June 2014, we became parents to the most perfect little girl in the world.

 I've decided now that I DO want to be really great.  I want to be a great wife and I want to be a great mom.  Some day when my children are old, I want them to know how much I love the Lord, how much I love my husband, and how much I love my babies!  The greatest gift is to love and be loved.  Thank-you Lord for this amazing life.  Thank-you for giving me a little bit of sunshine.  What an amazing journey!